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About Humanist Weddings



If you are reading this you are probably considering getting married, and may have recently got engaged.


Hopefully you are thinking about a Humanist Wedding, which will allow you the freedom to help design your special and unique non - religious wedding ceremony. 


This ceremony design process is fun, inspiring and memorable and results in a wedding ceremony that completely reflects your characters, wishes and hopes for the future. 

Humanist ceremonies are all different – they are tailor made for the individuals concerned. The writing of the ceremony is done together and is part of the joy and excitement of getting married. Some ceremonies are very formal and reflect the seriousness of the occasion whilst others are more light-hearted. However, all ceremonies reflect the ideas and  wishes of those getting married. 


I believe that a wedding ceremony should be unique – not just a standard civil or religious ceremony with your names placed in the gaps. I am pleased to say that a Humanist ceremony can include traditions and rituals that make the occasion familiar and special and we can draw on a range ideas to match personal taste. 

Take a look at this Humanist wedding video to see what Humanist wedding are like.

Check out the list of venue ideas - remember you can have a Humanist ceremony virtually anywhere.

Also, take a look at the section that covers many questions that people ask when they are considering a Humanist wedding ceremony.

Jan Halliday

Wedding Celebrant - accredited by Humanists UK

       07801 697 926

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